Easy Attendance Management

A guest management system that enables effortless attendacy monitoring, reporting and recording.

Requiring only an internet and mains power connections the Easy Attendance System can be install and ready in minutes.

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£1000.00 (hardware and installation)
(£ 50.00 PCM)


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Global Access

Access data and records remotely and securely from your web portal. Recorded data and user settings can be read and modified from any internet enabled device.

Touch Screen Interface

Staff and guests can sign in manually using the on screen keyboard and touch screen interface. This provides a modern, clean and uncluttered sign in environment.


Using the fob reader staff and guests can log in automatically via their unique fobs. Existing fobs can be assigned to specific users within the system or new fobs purchased and assigned to users.

Large Touch Screen Interface

The large touch screen interface provides an obvious and modern sign in location. The customisable background allows welcome messages and other information to be displayed.

Print Registers

Using the portal registers are automatically generated and can be printed at the click of button. In this way instant and up-to-date role calls can be performed.

Automatic Back Up

Maintain peace of mind and never worry about losing data. Included within the service is automatic periodic back up of data to a secure off site storage system.

User Types and Groups

Staff, visitor and trusted visitor types provide differentiation at sign in. Custom user groups allow you to customize registers; grouping users in a manner that works for you.

Online Support

Have a problem or a question? Just ask us and we will respond within 24 hours. Unlimited online support is included with the service and encouraged. If you're not enjoying your service, tell us!

User Settings

Tailor your service to you. User settings provide you with the ability to make the service truly your own. All settings are dynamic and reversible allowing the system to change with your needs.

Easy Installation

Installation is quick and easy. Simply plug in and turn on - that's it! Your system will be pre-configured and setup before it arrives on site, minimising/eliminating impact to business as usual.

Multiple Locations

For larger sites with multiple entrances any number screens and readers can be installed and connected. For businesses with multiple sites, discounted rates are available to extend your service.

Continuous Recording

The system continuously records and stores signing in and out data. Providing you with latest and most up to date information regarding attendance on site.

Attendance Management Screen & Fob Reader


An optional RFID fob reader allows fast automatic sign in and out for staff and trusted visitors.
Existing or new RFID fobs can be assigned to staff and visitors.

A large touch screen display provides the primary point of interaction. Allowing staff and visitors to sign in and out manually.
The background images is freely changeable, allowing custom welcome pages inline with your business.

Why Choose Us

  • Minimal Investment
  • Little hardware is required; reducing set up and installation costs.
  • Lifetime Support
  • Online support is incorporated within the service cost meaning support is always available.
  • Ground Up Development
  • Easy Access Management was developed from the ground up by us. If you have a problem - we can fix it.